Detroit has broken down into fragments. The infrastructures, roads and highways, have become redundant and even a burden. The largest of these infrastructures is the Dequindre Cut. Its neglected situation has made it an accepted truth that nothing positive could happen there. But this could be changed.

A greenway system reusing these abandoned infrastructures has been proposed. My proposal for this project is to reinvent one of the proposed greenways going thru the Cut and Woodward Avenue to create a green loop which will regenerate the Cut into a safe walking and biking path.

Using the reverberance of downtown festivals, a series of events along the Cut could be programmed. This can build a positive identity of the Cut as an annual event avenue. By developing the Cut into a safe and lively neighborhood, it could make positive social changes, and ultimately trigger redevelopment in the Eastern Market and the Riverfront. This project will be successful even if it only produces positive social change.

Dequindre Cut 1

Dequindre Cut 2


Dequindre Cut 3


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