A One of a Kind “Double Arcades” in Downtown Cleveland

I have been to quite many arcades from my traveling. But never have I seen before two parallel arcades being connected together in the middle until I came to Cleveland again. This “H-shaped” tunnel space is very special because each of the two arcades is uniquely designed and the two look totally different from each other. It looks like someone has connected the two arcades that were built in different times, which could be what happened.

5th Street Arcades – 530 Euclid Ave, Cleveland


A Finely Crafted Pedestrain Walkway Through a Parking Lot at Huntington University

The artistic experience at Merillat Centre For The Arts begins way before you enter the building. This finely crafted pedestrian walkway has successfully integrated with the surface parking lot. With its brick-paved surface, lines of trees and streetlights on each side, one can hardly tell he is indeed walking inside a parking lot. This depressed walkway has justified the positioning of the centre. It creates a vista to the building, making its composition more attractive and powerful. Saarinen would have appreciated it.

merillat centre for the arts, huntington university, huntington, indiana – 4:07pm, may 7, 2011

From Lime Stone Quarry to Beautiful Sunken Garden

At first glance, this park may just seem to be another nicely done park. But actually, this amazing garden is sunken because it was an old lime stone quarry before. Huntington, nicknamed the Lime City, has been supplying high grade lime stone to all over the Midwest including Indiana, Ohio and Michigan. This ex-lime stone quarry was adaptive-reused to be a garden sunken in the ground between 1923 and 1928. I am surprised to find out that people a hundred years ago were already converting ex-quarry into something productive and trying to restore the environment.

From the perspective of historic preservation, the making of this park has done a great job since a lot of the existing features were retained. For example, the park adapts to the existing geometry and remains sunken in the ground; the old tunnel leading to the quarry is retained as one of the entrances; the mine “holes” have become fishponds; the old stones are reused to build stairs, bridges, and retaining wall all around the park. Extra points are given to the delicate wood pavilion constructed as it provides shelter for the many weddings and social gatherings taking place at the park. Visit is highly recommended!








sunken gardens, 1200 west park drive, huntington, indiana – 3:04pm, may 9, 2011