A Poor Example in Solving the Problematic Driveway Space in Front of a Victorian House’s Garage

two benches and a funky street sign, two pots of plants

A typical San Francisco Victorian House has a garage underneath the main building on the ground or below-ground level with a driveway leading to the garage and a flight of stairs going up from the front sidewalk to the main entrance foyer. As San Francisco is becoming more urbanized, this leftover driveway space has become more problematic especially in areas close to commercial streets. A lot of time when the car is gone, this empty privately-owned space is occupied by the passer-bys and the urban nomads, namely the homeless and the full-time street dwellers. The businesses conducted by these third-parties constantly create nuisance to the upstairs and the downstairs, even though many garages have been converted into shops and eateries already. I am very interested in how people attempt to solve this spatial problem and I would like to share what I just observed a few days ago.

These four slightly setback Victorian houses in the middle on this short block of lower Fillmore St. all have their garages converted into shops. The negative space in front of these garages presents a unique opportunity for a small shared plaza for these shops or something special. But somehow nothing creative or special is done to make the most of out of that empty space. I wish they have done more than just simply putting furniture or plant to fill up the space. For example, they can re-pave the area with bricks or different pavement that define the place better; or they can put up a large awning or canopy above that space to make it a more appealing outdoor dining spot; or the four stores can put up some similar street furniture and signage to make this space identifiable; or they can put up a simple landscape scheme that make the place a little urban oasis.

The randomly placed benches, tables, rocks and overgrown plants may be nice and practical, but they definitely do nothing to make this space unique and memorable.

a table with four chairs, two piegons

five rocks and a pot of plant

a lot of plant

overall streetscape

east side of lower fillmore st. between sutter and post, san francisco – 2:00pm, jan 27, 2013


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