The Stunning Garages of Mrs. Doubtfire’s Neighbors


Two nights ago, me and my buddy Steven watched Mrs Doubtfire, a 1993 classic movie set in San Francisco featuring Robin Williams and Sally Field, again on the television. We were so fascinated by the neighborhood Mrs. Doubtfire was filmed that we decided to check it out today. On our walk down towards Mrs Doubtfire’s house from Fillmore to Steiner, I was overwhelmed by all the stately homes lining the two sides of Broadway.

But what astonished me even more were the highly ornate garages of Mrs Doubtfire’s adjacent neighbors. The woodwork, brickwork, landscape and metal railing are just superb! I decided to take some photos and share with everyone.






mrs. doubtfire’s house at corner of broadway and Steiner


steiner st. with the church tower in the background, frequently seen in the movie

south side broadway st. between fillmore and steiner, san francisco – 1:23pm, jan 27, 2013


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