A Creative Addition to the Front of a San Francisco Victorian House

addition 1

I am particularly intrigued by this front addition because most additions to a Victorian house happen in the back. Like the last photo shown in this blog, it is a lot easier to add a back addition because it does not interfere with the front façade and thus it preserves the general Victorian look.

This front addition shown has created a light-filled foyer with windows on three sides. At night, the foyer lights up like a beacon on the block. Underneath the foyer house the new garage. The original garage underneath the bay window on its left has been converted into another room which is screened form the street by the new front steps.

addition 2

addition 3

addition alt

an ornate victorian house on upper delmar st. with a typical back addition

lower delmar st., san franicsco – 5:28pm, jan 22, 2013


4 thoughts on “A Creative Addition to the Front of a San Francisco Victorian House

  1. Tucker Deeds says:

    Very interesting; the original two houses look quite similar. The front addition is definitely ‘creative’ and the garage looks easier to use, but the addition does seem ‘blocky’ and disturbs the lines of the house. The old garage, at least from the photos, looks like it may have been harder to use with the drive at a steep angle? I wonder why the owner decided to do a front addition.

    • kam says:

      Hi Tucker! Thanks for the visit. The new garage is definitely easier to use. I don’t think I will ever be able to drive down to the old garage through that narrow space. The new addition is indeed a little “blocky” and it does stand out. I think that is what makes it so special in a way, good or bad.

      Not sure if their neighbors were ok with the addition since it does block their view of the street. But I guess doing a back addition will have a similar effect too. I am thinking maybe they want to preserve their backyard so they decided to build a front addition 🙂

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