A Wildly Successful Kids’ Playground at Dolores Park

kids' playground

kids' playground

kids' playground at top of dolores park

Before the playground was built, Dolores Park was basically a little a grassy hill with lots of tall old trees and a few tennis courts. Since the whole park is sloping up from it northern edge on 18th street, different groups of users tend to congregate at different height levels along the slope. Some people use it as a beach; some play sports; some use it as a dog park; and of course some smoke pot or have a couple brown-bag beers there;

I had been to that park many times but I never saw that many kids there until the kids’ playground was built. There is something about the playground that attracts the kids and their parents way much more than just the park themselves. I guess the idea that children would just go play with themselves on the grass is dumb. A fun playground with a collection of slides, sand pool, battle towers and cross bridges seems to be just what the kids are looking for. And it is probably true that that the parents feel safe that the playground is designated kids-only and it is located high up and far away from other park users.

the rest of dolores park down the slope

566 dolores st., san Francisco – 2:55pm, jan 2, 2013


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