SF “City” Target – A Failed Attempt to Capitalize on the Idea of a “Downtown Store”

city target's lobby

The story of the City Target began with the failure of the Metreon. The ill-conceived development of the Metreon and its surrounding complex had never attained any commercial success or success in any way. After many attempts to vitalize the Metreon, they came up with this idea of having a Target Store so-called “City Target”. Well, the local newspaper San Francisco Chronicle praised the brilliant concept of having this “downtown-styled” mini Target and how it would be the savoir to finally revitalize the Metreon. Skeptical as I was, I decided to swing by and checked it out. Well, it turned out it was just another Target Store.

Yes, the fact that Target is in a downtown is already a “milestone” for, I don’t know for who, but probably only for Target stores for the sake of being in downtown. The store has an attractive lobby that it kind of shares with Starbucks located down the escalators. Other than that, it is really just a smaller version of a typical Target store. The idea of “a downtown store” has not been expressed in anywhere once you are in the store. I thought maybe they would have elaborated the grocery section to make it more “neighborhood-friendly”. Maybe they would sell some special funky items or goods that made them “cool” and “urban”. Or they would have done some “different” interior design to brand itself a “city” store. No they don’t have any of those. Well, at least I am not disappointed after my visit. In the end, it’s a Target store and yes, it’s good to have one in downtown.

city target

789 mission st, san Francisco – 7:15pm, dec 16, 2012