Has a Battle On Negative Diversity in San Francisco Just Started at Harvey Milk Plaza?

Just a couple days ago, the official in charge of the Harvey Milk plaza at the Castro MUNI Station removed all the benches along the wall so that the homeless can no longer sleep or congregate there. I am not sure what most people think of that but aesthetically the plaza looks much better with only the plain curving wall and it doesn’t smell as bad anymore. To be honest, it is weird that the homeless is actually gone at the moment because they can easily sleep on the ground too and there is nothing the official can do about it.

Is removing the homeless going to happen along all the MUNI lines? And is the next round against beggars and pigeons happening soon? I start to wonder what if this crusade against the homeless is just the beginning of a larger war on the undesired groups or so-called the negative diversity in San Francisco…

harvey milk plaza @ castro muni station – market st and castro st, san francisco


2 thoughts on “Has a Battle On Negative Diversity in San Francisco Just Started at Harvey Milk Plaza?

  1. Mark Daniel Snyder says:

    Actually, Kam – the local supervisor also pushed for the passage of Sit/Lie law which means they cannot legally sleep there on the ground. Homeless people, including the homeless queer youth who come to this city seeking support are now criminalized.

    • kam says:

      Such a dilemma, homeless people is such a big problem in the city, but its not like they want to be homeless……. why dont the city council spend more energy on hunting down people walking around with guns in the mission and ticketing people feeding pigeons etc…

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