Elevating a Neighborhood Simply By Placing a Pair of Classical Pillars

The classical pillars at the corner of Ashbury Street and Pidemont Street have always attracted my attention when I get off the 33 bus right at this intersection. It is very interesting how functional these simple pillars actually are. First, with the inscribed words “Ashbury” and “Terrace” on each of them, these pillars serve as a symbolic portal or an orientation mark informing visitors that they have arrived at Ashbury Terrace.

Secondly these pillars act like a visible “no trespassing” sign. With the fancy-looking big Victorian homes in the background, the use of classical language in the design and layout of the pillars has quite successfully sent out a message that Ashbury Terrrace is an exquisite neighborhood. If you don’t belong, please don’t come in.

Also, by making these pillars looking monumental, this Ashbury Terrace situated on top of Asbury Street has further elevated itself as a landmark or an important historic place. And of course you have to pay big buck to live in a historic neighborhood serving only the privileged ones. Seriously for what these pillars can do psychologically, they are totally worth the price. I am surprised they are not put everywhere.

corner of ashbury street and pidemont street, san francisco


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