From Old Grand Ballroom to New Concert Hall at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music

It is pretty amazing that the new concert hall has reused the old ballroom as the seating area. The old balcony and ceiling are completely restored. I believe that you can actually sit at the balcony. In order to connect to the new performance stage, one wall of the ballroom was knocked down and a “portal” was created. This portal acts as a time gate separating the old and the new. By the way, the acoustic is stunning too.

50 oak street, san francisco


A Different San Francico Street Corner at the Nieman’s

niemans at christmas

The Nieman Marcus department store in downtown San Francisco has done a pretty amazing job in freeing up the space at its building corner facing Union Square to ease pedestrian traffic and to encourage visual connection from two intersection streets. The receded entrance and the use of highly transparent glass wall have not only provided extra space for people to maneuver at the corner, but they also showcase the magnificent stain-glass dome crowning the entrance foyer. The sense of grandeur and luxury of Niemans is totally reflected in this foyer.

nieman marcus at corner of geary st and Stockton st, san Francisco, 2012