A Pathetic Disaster in Hong Kong’s Fanling North “New Development”

rendering by government

Fanling North has a long history that traces back 800 years ago. Until recently, it is still an area with sacred hills and historic walled villages. These villages houses one of the only two Heritage Trails that illustrates the early settlement and development in pre-colonial era Hong Kong. Along this Lung Yeuk Tau Heritage Trail, there are fine examples of walled villages and historic buildings that are listed historic monuments. As we all know, there is not many historic monument in Hong Kong because they are seen as obstacles to so-called “development”.

Apart from the important cultural heritage, Fanling North is blessed with natural resources. There are farmlands on both sides of the River Indus. The river and the farms are also homes for numerous animals such as egrets and hawks.

Basically, Fanling North is one of the remaining places in Hong Kong that is still untouched by pollution and it has a connection to our history and nature.

With all these treasures in this area, the government is still planning to build a new town right by the river and an elevated freeway over the river. The so-called “river-and-nature” themed development would put numerous monolithic highrises on the completely erased farmlands right by one side on the river. This so-called river walk would have a freeway above it. This freeway could also be seen right outside the historic walled villages. And I personally believe the sacred egrets would not be fishing on the river anymore.

Just look at the rendering above and you can see for yourself this planning disaster. If a supposingly meant-to-look-better rendering is already so disgustingly scary, the real deal is going to be much more ugly. While the rest of the civilized worlds are restoring nature and waterways, recreating farmlands and eco-life, preserving cultural heritage, Hong Kong government is committing a crime against these values that other civilizations are protecting. You can read the whole scam here, in English or Chinese. And seriously, it takes me almost half an hour to find these so-called “for public engagement” information.

I would not want to see this piece of treasure be ruined by the government. This development is PATHETIC.

Listed below are some of the things that will be murdered or badly affected by the development. Please scroll on photos to see each description.

ma sik road, fanling north, hong kong


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