Thoughts For A Better Minibus Hub

It is mostly a pain in the ass waiting for a minibus (light bus) at this minibus hub. It is not the sun or the rain, but the exhaust and heat that suffocates me when a lot of minibuses pull over at the same time. The walls of massive buildings create an island effect that simply traps all the pollution at the hub.

To make the future hubs better, maybe we can design hubs in a more open area where the waiting lines can be more spread out like the leaf of a palm tree to help dissipate the exhaust. Maybe some curving walls along the waiting lines can help create a wind tunnel effect to ventilate the hub. A little bit of linear landscape along the lines would probably filter the air and shade the hub too. Let’s start investing in our infrastructure to make the taxpayers’ daily life better.

minibus hub at luen wo hui, fanling, north district, hong kong – 6:25pm, jul 22, 2012


2 thoughts on “Thoughts For A Better Minibus Hub

  1. Rob P says:

    In many places, transit tends to have a central platform or building with the vehicles looping around it. This can cause issues with traffic jamming on exit, but the open area in the center tends to clear out fumes relatively well through convection in the summer. It also grants better line of sight.

    Another option, if transit hubs are being built like shown in your photo, is to design them so the lanes are parallel to the dominant wind. In the photo, it’s perpendicular which means the vehicles and the safety walls / weather shelters actually block the wind which magnifies the problem. Parallel to the wind allows better air flow. It just requires some extra design work in the planning stages.

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