Small Villages Are Saving the “Airspace” in the New Territories, Hong Kong

I was walking around the North District Park (kind of like a Chinese version of a mini- Central Park in NYC) the other Sunday afternoon. It was a beautiful day so I wandered off another route and I ended up walking into this little indigenous village called So Kwun Po. Seriously this village is really pretty. It is made up of all these three-story high houses arranged within a square. There are also old tall trees and green lawn surrounding the village. The nicest thing about this village is that it has preserved the open space above and surrounding it. With those walls of monolithic highrises in a distance, one can really appreciate the benefits of having these villages.

Some people may argue that these villages are taking up too much land and the practice of building indigenous villages and their houses should be stopped. I would counter-argue that the housing demand in Hong Kong will never be satisfied because rich people from all over China are buying up everything here. So there is no valid reason to stop expanding local villages and be slaves to real estate companies. Yes not everyone get a chance in live in one of these villages. But at least when I walk by it, I can see the sky and the open space, and I feel good about it.

so kwun po village, sheung shui, new territories, hong kong – 2:25pm, 23 jun, 2012


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