A Hidden Neighborhood “Corner Temple”

I accidentally walked into this small temple in my neighborhood when it was raining the other day. Interestingly, this temple is a little hidden behind a group of trees and I never noticed that it is actually open most of the time. Me being there for a quarter of hour, I realized this temple is a hot spot for all kinds of activities – people walking dogs; neighbors meeting each other at the outdoor plaza; older fellows saying prayers inside the main hall.

To me, this Sam Shing Temple (Temple of the three saints) at the corner is like a corner convenient store but better. It not only provides a free shelter for neighbors to hang out, it also gives out free blessings from the saints! I particularly like that the temple has not been converted into a tourist spot or a museum. Its modest scale and its down-to-earth but delicate craftsmanship have given it a very local and neighborhood feel.

front plaza

front entrance

wall painting and green roof tiles

entrance decoration & screen doors at vestibule

interior courtyard (light well) & upper wall ventilation tiles

incense “burning” altar in the foreground

corner of ma sik road and jockey club road, sheung shui, north district, hong kong 2:36pm, jun 17, 2012


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