A Very Sad Ghost Town in Hong Kong

Tens of unfinished houses have long sit empty on this piece of land for years. All these people walking by cannot stop wondering what is going on with this supposed-to-be low-density luxury housing project. Somehow these houses are just never finished and they become a ghost town behind the chain-link fence.

The truth is that this artificial ghost town was built to be demolished before they are finished. It sounds totally weird and wasteful but here is another sad story of how developers have taken control of the Hong Kong government. The developer bought this land and agreed to build low density housing. But under the table, they planned to do some corruption and “transfer of monetary interest” in order to get approval to re-zone the land to build high-rises for more profit. However before the land can be re-zoned, the previous contract requires that something has to be built on the land within a certain time. So they decided to build some whatever on it and blow it all up afterwards.

The ghost town should have been gone long time ago but “unfortunately” the secret deal was exposed by the media. What’s more, the government was so corrupted in the past couple years and thus further high-profile under-the-table deal would really damage the government’s already bad image and upset all other developers. As a result, the ghost town is still here, looking empty, wasteful and sad. But what can we as ordinary citizen can in a non-democratic society?

ma sik road, fanling, north district, hong kong – 3:35pm, 17 jun, 2012


4 thoughts on “A Very Sad Ghost Town in Hong Kong

  1. Vivian says:

    interesting situation of these artificial ghost towns. the menacing cloudy skies helped too in making your point, they look better for prison inmates than families. just curious, what is considered low density and high density housing? Like just short structures versus high rises?

    • kam says:

      Hey! Low density is more like 3-8 story, high is more like 20+ story… if they are built high, they will block the view of the existing buildings behind…… What is the reason for “urban planning” if the plan is not followed?

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