The Egret, the Canal and the Castle

Lately on the weekends, I have been taking walks along this Lung Yuek Tau (literally meaning dragon jumping over the heads of mountains) heritage trail near my home. Here along the trail, there is no malls to shop, no restaurants to dine and no crowds at all. It may seem a little boring for city-goers. But instead, it will surprise you with a magical experience just minutes away form the concrete jungle.

Along the canal where the trail is situated, wildlife blossoms. There are tortoises, fishes and birds. Even Egrets, one of the most sacred birds, also fish along the canal. Interestingly, the canal was once an un-manicured river filled with domestic waste from the villages along it. After the facelift, it has become a canal for collecting flood water and now a fishing ground for birds. Not sure if the fish is edible for humans though.

Also located along the canal are some of the founding villages of Hong Kong. These villages are hundreds of years old. They have maintained their original layout, with traditional ancestral worship hall and even an old gate. Surrounding the villages are farms that have existed for hundred years.

The highlight of the trail is the 400 years old “castle” in the heart of Lung Yuek Tau Village. This “castle” is indeed a walled village with nine streets going east-west and north-south directions. It has a square layout with four fortification towers at corners and a front main tower with a gated entrance. There are still small holes on the wall where arrows or other attacks can be launched from inside.

lung yuek tau heritage trail, fanling, north district, hong kong – 3:53pm, 10 jun, 2012


4 thoughts on “The Egret, the Canal and the Castle

    • kam says:

      Thanks for visiting! Most of the houses inside have been converted into 3-story high houses. The original ancestral worship hall is still there at the end of the main street though!

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