From Church to Brewery in Pittsburgh

Church is one of the building types that can be easily converted for a new use. As shown in the photo, the old St. John the Baptist Church built in 1902 was restored and converted into a brewery and restaurant.

The previous open nave and seating areas have become the main dining hall while the former altar has been transformed into the brewing area. It is really nice the lobby is still the reception area and the original after-service-coffee-and-tea courtyard is now an outdoor dining patio. It is always a good idea to preserve as many former space for a similar use as possible in aspect of historic preservation. Sorry that I didn’t take a photo of the outside of the main facade. I simply couldn’t tell the church had become a pub!

the church brew works @3525 liberty ave, pittsburgh, pennsylvania – 7:05pm, jun 11, 2010


4 thoughts on “From Church to Brewery in Pittsburgh

    • kam says:

      Yeaha, there is so many ways to repurpose a church since it has such a large and tall open space to be used for any kinds of gathering or making of things! And even the smallest church has something cool to offer, e.g. stained glass window, decorated columns, angled roof etc!

  1. Sartenada says:

    Well, I have not seen any church repurposed in Finland. I have photographed in Finland 380 churches inside / outside around my country. Old wooden railway stations have been changed to private houses for example. It happens.

    This was cool post. I love it.

    • kam says:

      Thanks for sharing and reading my post!! that is really cool that you photographed so many churches in finland. one day i would love to do the same for detroit, they have a ton of churches, some abandoned and some still running, rumor said detroit has more churches than vatican!

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