A Sloped Mall and Its Sloped Buildings

The mall, a rolling linear green space like the National Mall in D.C., has been one of the favorite devices in laying out buildings in a college campus. It usually stretches from the front of one building to the front of another building at the end and this makes a very straight axis. Along the two sides of this axis would be buildings usually of similar height and style. This helps create a symmetry along the green (the axis), kind of like a mirror image of the opposite side, thus creating a unified atmosphere. The forté at the mall would be the more prominent buildings anchoring at the two ends. These end buildings are usually a graduate library, an alumni hall, a concert hall or an art museum.

While mall is commonly found in large scale universities such as the University of Michigan, I came along a “sloped” mall for the first time at Carnegie Mellon University. What makes it more interesting is that not only the mall is sloped as shown in the photo, the interior corridor of the long buildings on the two sides are also sloped. So basically if you are riding your scooter inside the building, you can just roll all the way down without you pushing it. These long ramps are simply amazing because you don’t usually find them in a building. While a corridor can have a slope, a classroom cannot otherwise your pencil roll off your desk. It is just difficult to have rooms along the ramp without building steps. Private school does have something cool and different to offer.





even the inside of the building on the mall is sloped


the end of the sloped mall

the mall @carnegie mellon university, pittsburgh, pennsylvania – 2:55pm, jun 11, 2011


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