The Grey City

I been wanting to apologize for posting so many “grey” pictures. It wasn’t my cameras. It’s just that the sky is so grey in Shenzhen. Oh wow, the “grey” substance is not the romantic fog like those in San Francisco, it is basically pollutants in the sky that has not been blown away yet since there is not much wind in spring. while the surrounding factories are manufacturing a third of the goods in the world, the inner city suffers from the dust given out in the many construction sites and exhaust from the two million automobiles on the roads. The visibility is so bad that you cannot see the sea, the hills or even buildings cover with “grey” glass on the outside. I saw sunshine for about 30 seconds yesterday around noon, let’s hope there will be more tomorrow.

costal city, shenzhen – 4:24pm, mar 13, 2012


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