The “Death March”

Every time I walked through this long, dull and dimly-lit pedestrian bridge from Shenzhen to Hong Kong, scenes from the death march in movies cannot stop popping into my mind. There are tons of bodies with no souls, exhausted from their ten hours plus workday, desperately trying to drag their bodies through this bridge to get back to Hong Kong so they can have a late dinner with their family. Hong Kong government is loaded with money, can they hire some really famous foreign architects like Frank Gehry or Santiago Calatrava to make this piece of civic project look not as depressing and sad?

pedestrian bridge across the border, lok ma chau, hong kong – 7:43pm, mar 7, 2012


3 thoughts on “The “Death March”

    • kam says:

      It’s worse than that at 8;30 pm at night! I have no idea why they don’t make it more pleasant for people to walk through it… I would suggest putting a fabric roof with skylight like the one in Denver Airport. This would at least make it look more interesting…

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