Bad Exports from Hong Kong

My feelings towards the Shenzhen Metro had been fairly okay until today. I took a different Metro line and realized that the train cabin has all the undesirable features form the Hong Kong Metro. These included monitors that won’t stop broadcasting loud commercials and stainless steel bench that is divided into equal pieces shaped like scoops only big enough for small butt to sit on. THAT’s the line run by Hong Kong Metro! Most infrastructure in Hong Kong is cheaply “designed” to make the most money for the rich and the government. Instead of importing bad and unintelligent designs that come with undesirable lifestyle from Hong Kong, the new Chinese cities have the opportunity to copy the best from any countries in the world. Why aren’t they doing that?

shenzhen metro longhua line, shenzhen – 7:43pm, mar 8, 2012


2 thoughts on “Bad Exports from Hong Kong

  1. sarah says:

    Perhaps better than the upholstered and carpeted BART cars where MRSA has been detected. What do fat people do on these Hong Kong- Shenzhen train cars?

  2. kam says:

    Well, bigger people usually sit on one and two quarter seat (one quarter from each side” when the train is more empty, or they just stand…….. Compared to the soft seats on BART, they are pretty tough to sit on… but they don’t stink, guess it’s one advantage over the soft seats!

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