Shenzhen’s Grand Central Station?

The metro (subway) is a fairly young system in Shenzhen. It has helped slow, but not stop, the increasing use of gasoline powered on-the-ground transportation in this fast growing city.To give the Metro some credit, it is efficient and all the stations are safe and well maintained and equipped with clean restrooms. Some of the stations even have skylights in the lobby, letting in natural light.

However, mass production of the same design makes all the stations look alike. The Luohu (Lo Wo) station which borders Hong Kong might have been made more elegant, like Grand Central Station in New York, to evoke civic pride amongst the taxpayers. Also, using warmer spectrum fluorescent lighting, instead of white, might improve the ambience of all the stations. Yes we all look better under the imitation sunlight.

luohu metro station, shenzhen – 8:27am, mar 6, 2012


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