Ocean Beach

One of the many things that makes San Francisco an amazing place to live is its easy accessibility to a wide range of outdoor activities. You can go to a beach (Ocean Beach Baker Beach), a national park (Presido Park), a hill (Twin Peak), a golf course (Lincoln Golf course) or wine tasting (Napa Valley) in as short as ten minutes to an hour from the center of the city. Maybe that’s how we should design our new cities.

san francisco – 3:26pm, feb 20, 2012


An extreme U-turn

An extreme U-turn – never saw a designated skateboard park or bowl in San Francisco, guess they don’t need it.

@state st & levant st, san francisco – 5:02pm, feb 19, 2012


Walk-ability to me is more than just sidewalk and distance. It’s simply hard to walk a block when there is nothing interesting to see or interact with. Cars, trees, landscape, pattern of sidewalk’s materials and variations of “facades” make the little stroll much more walkable.

noe st, san francisco – 2:04pm, feb 18, 2012

Buena Vista Park

It is very interesting to have a a hill as a park. You can keep making circles or walk up-n-down the hill until you get tired. You can also have changing views of the cities from circling at the peak.

buena vista park, san francisco – 1:11pm, feb 17, 2012