Rotunda from the City of Paris Dry Goods Company

This magnificent rotunda, topped with glass dome and glass skylight, originally belonged to the City of Paris building, was actually saved from demolition and moved to its current location at Neiman Marcus. Historic building, even those armed with rich stories and architecture, often find it difficult to survive economic redevelopment. Local awareness, education, preservation ordinances are needed to protect them from being ruined.

150 stockton St, san francisco – 3:08pm, Jan 30, 2012


View of Panhandle Park from Top of Twin Peak

Most people would not thik of San Francisco as a simple grid city, but it is. Every building occups a lot on a block. Most buildings except those in downtown are short and they don’t overlap with each other. When there is a curve, the rectangular grid bends around it. For the population that it supports (~17,179/sq mile, brooklyn is ~10,000/sq mile, wikipedia), the traffic sytem seems to be working pretty well in this gridded city.

Most college graduates today also agree that we like to live in that kind of environment in San Francisco. Minus the beach, national park and a couple other fancy landscape, is it possible that we build cities more like San Francisco than say Hong Kong or New York?

twin peak, san francisco – 4:59pm, Jan 28, 2012

Golden Gate Bridge

Civic projects of the past provided great opportunities to build civic pride in a place. Produced as an engineering masterpiece, the Golden Gate Bridge has improved traffic efficiency for San Francisco and the accros the Bay. Its also serves as a footbridge and biking path for every city dweller.

With today’s low budget and copy-and-paste production, civic projects are reduced to provide the bare minimum need. They are lacking a sense of grandeur and beauty which are essential to building civic pride in a community. Just think about this, did anyone ever fantasize the Bay Bridge?

san francisco – 2:41pm, Jan 28, 2012


Wish the buildings around Yerba Buena Garden could be re-organized to achieve a great vista to SF MOMA from the Garden. Chaos tend to happen when land parcels are redeveloped with no overall planning.

151 third st, san francisco – 1:21pm, Jan 28, 2012